Quality Products without Silicone

In a past blog, Keepin’ It Clean, I touched on the importance of making sure your beauty products are made of quality products. The longer I have dealt with my autoimmune problems, the more I truly realize what we put in and on our bodies has to be clean and

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Keepin’ It Clean

The number of beauty products on the market is enough to make one’s head spin. How do you know which product is the best? Personally, I like to look for high-quality skincare products like St. James’s Well. Lately, due to some health issues related to autoimmune problems, I have done

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CBD Claims and Research

Many people have mixed feelings about whether or not CBD works. Is there research to support the millions of CBD claims? The short answer is that there is very little research out there. However, there have been a few studies completed and articles published by medical professionals.

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Skincare is Top Priority to Americans

Beauty is big business in the United States. In fact, according to a GrouponMerchant blog that reported the results of a study conducted by OnePoll on Groupon’s behalf revealed that women who regularly invest in their appearance spend an average of $3,756 a year slightly edging out males who spent

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Traveling With CBD

The availability and legalization of CBD have been life-changing for many. So much so, that when people are accustomed to using CBD to treat ailments, insomnia, muscle aches, and all the other wonderful benefits it has to offer, they don’t want to leave home without it. As the laws have progressively changed in favor

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Skin Health

CBD oil is well-known for its pain-alleviating properties and its useful benefits of helping relieve anxiety, but many people aren’t aware of the beauty benefits associated with it. CBD oils have the ability to alleviate skin conditions like acne, dry skin, and eczema.

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Dry Skin Solutions

One time I went to Sephora and had my skin tested with their “Moisture Meter.” I didn’t even get to hear my result before the woman assisting me said, “Oh, baby…” and ran off to find anything she could put on my skin before it cracked open or burst into

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Our mission is to provide safe, effective, high quality professional, clinical skincare and wellness products inspired by centuries of people turning to the earth for healing.

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