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CBD seems to be in just about every product type you can think of from health and wellness to pet medications. At first, it may have seemed like a fad, but after people have realized the benefits, it’s here to stay and for good reason. Skincare products made with CBD are just as popular and many people have realized the benefits of using those that are made with CBD. These beauty products are proving to be a powerful force in the skincare industry. Not sure where to start? Here is what you need to know:

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Before we begin with the skincare products, it’s important to understand just what CBD is. Since it is related to marijuana, some people think it will cause marijuana effects. Although CBD and marijuana are derived from the same plant, Cannabis, CBD does not contain THC, which is what causes the “high” effects of marijuana. Therefore, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning you cannot get high from it.


When used in skincare products, CBD has been found to have calming and anti-inflammatory properties making it an effective skincare product ingredient. It is also packed with antioxidants to help fight free radicals that cause signs of aging. When a product is loaded with antioxidants, it can be an effective anti-aging tool. These products are applied just like regular beauty products and there is nothing special that you have to do besides enjoy the benefits.

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