This creamy and mild non-soap cleanser does it all! Our CBD Infused Cream Cleanser removes makeup and accumulated dirt while also hydrating and soothing skin. Botanicals such as oat seed oil, chamomile, sunflower oil, and cucumber extracts make this cleanser ideal for normal, sensitive, dry, or mature skin.

Airless Pump Bottle
Protects product, increases shelf life, controls dispensing and eliminates waste.

Moisten face with water. Apply cleanser, massage for one minute to allow absorption. Rinse well.

Key Ingredients
CBD cannabidiol – anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing
Safflower Seed Oil – Due to the high linoleic acid content, safflower seed oil moisturizes and provides emolliency.
Sunflower Oil – Increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture through replenishing amino acids
Sodium PCA – hydrates and moisturizes through a natural component of the skin, humectant.
Oat Protein and kernel extract – Key for cell turnover, this tones and smooths skin through glutamic amino acids.
Chamomile Extract – Antibacterial and soothing extract.v
Cucumber Extract – Used for its cooling and soothing abilities. Helps calm any skin irritation.
Note that this cleanser will not “lather” as most cleansers do. We have removed the drying agents that create lather to ensure that we can lock moisture into the skin.