This CBD Infused Facial Cream is light enough to be used every day and under makeup while also containing powerful ingredients. Soothing aloe and chamomile make this whipped moisturizer perfect for your daily needs or extra care.

Best when applied after cleanser and serum. Apply a pea-sized amount of facial cream onto fingertips and massage onto face.

Airless Pump Bottle
Protects product, increases shelf life, controls dispensing and eliminates waste.

Key Ingredients
CBD cannabidiol – anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing
Aloe –Contains soothing properties
Green Tea Extract – Protects against harmful UV rays
Sodium Hyluronate – prevents moisture from leaving the skin
Allatoin – Promotes cell renewal which leads to healthy and glowing skin.
Sodium PCA –A natural moisturizer
Shea Butter – nourishes skin while soothing any inflammation
Tocopheryl – Naturally occurring form of Vitamin E