Each product meets TSA regulations and is perfectly sized to fly in your carry on or a great opportunity to try SJW CBD Infused skincare system.

Airless Pump Bottle

Protects product, increases shelf life, controls dispensing and eliminates waste.

CBD Infused Cream Cleanser 30 ml

This creamy and mild non-soap cleanser does it all! It removes makeup and accumulated dirt while also hydrating and soothing skin. Botanicals such as oat seed oil, chamomile, sunflower oil, and cucumber extracts make this cleanser ideal for normal, sensitive, dry, or mature skin.

CBD Infused Revitalizing Facial Serum 10 ml

Vitamins C, E, and A come together with hydration powerhouses hyaluronic acid and sunflower seed oil to create this lightweight serum. This ultra-hydrating combination is ideal for all skin types especially those with sensitivities to higher concentrations of Vitamin C. Quench your skin with this luxurious moisturizing serum and watch the results.

CBD Infused Facial Cream 10 ml

This moisturizer is light enough to be used every day and under makeup while also containing powerful ingredients. Soothing aloe and chamomile make this whipped moisturizer perfect for your daily needs or extra care.

CBD Infused Neck Cream 10 ml

Our special ingredients will firm and lift the delicate skin of your neck. This can work in conjunction with any procedures or on its own!

CBD Infused Mask 15 ml

This product was created to reduce stress on skin- whether from sun, acne, or other irritations. The clay base helps detoxify skin while reducing pores and uneven texture. Simultaneously, hyaluronic acid, sunflower seed oil and jojoba help to hydrate the skin.

Travel bag, headband and no damage hair elastic included