In a past blog, Keepin’ It Clean, I touched on the importance of making sure your beauty products are made of quality products. The longer I have dealt with my autoimmune problems, the more I truly realize what we put in and on our bodies has to be clean and free of all the junk. I have been doing a lot of research on the effects of silicones in the body, as it appears that my autoimmune problems go back to silicone toxicity.

What are silicones?

According to the American Chemistry Council, silicones are a family of specialty, high-performance materials. They are sometimes listed as siloxanes and silanes. Silicone is widely used in thousands of products. Their unique molecular structure, allows them to be manufactured in many forms – solids, liquids, semi-viscous pastes, greases, oils, and rubber.

Why are silicones used in skincare products?

Silicones have a unique texture, which is what gives skincare products that slick feel. They make application easy and often leave skin looking plump and smooth. However, the plump and smooth look is only temporary because as soon as you wash the product off, you lose all the benefits, as silicones do not aid in the long-term improvement of your skin.


I’m not trying to give silicones a bad rap, because they have been used in burn units for a long time due to their unique healing and protection qualities while allowing the wound to “breathe” (or as my grandmother used to say … “Get some air”). As with everything, science is a wonderful thing and the products created have saved many lives, but we must be aware of what is in the products we are using. In my opinion, it is best to use clean ingredients when possible.


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