girl at beach during summer

This summer is predicted to be a record travel year with many people hitting the road and heading to the beach or other recreational outdoor activities. Fresh air and sunshine are just what the doctor ordered after a long winter. As good as these things are for us both mentally and physically, our skin often suffers from too much sun and element exposure if we’re not careful to take care of it.

Another thing that is great about summer is that it is the best time to let your natural beauty shine through and that is easy to do when you feed it the best things you can. Feeding your skin with the right products is key to getting that natural radiant look. Many beauty lines suggest a skincare routine consisting of eight to ten steps and just as many products, but the truth is most of us don’t have time for that in our daily lives. The best advice is to focus on five really amazing products that will get the job done if used daily. St. James’s Well skincare line offers effective, high-quality professional, clinical CBD products.

cream cleanser

Begin your day with SJW’s creamy and mild non-soap cleanser. The CBD-Infused Cream Cleanser removes make-up and accumulated dirt while also hydrating and soothing the skin. This gentle cleanser is mild enough that it won’t strip your skin.


Follow the cleanser with SJW’s revitalizing facial serum. Adding a serum to your skincare regime can be a game-changer. Feeding your skin serum gives it Vitamins C, E, and A. These vitamins are combined with the hydration powerhouse hyaluronic acid to give you the most benefits.

facial cream

Finally, moisturize your face with SJW’s facial cream. The rich, lightweight moisturizer contains powerful ingredients that soothe, nourish, and hydrate the skin.

neck cream

If you are looking for a little extra something for your neck and décolletage, add the CBD-infused neck cream. It is a rich, luxurious cream that is all about performance in plumping and lifting the skin.


Just like you started the day, you should end it with the CBD-Infused Cream Cleanser and follow with the facial and neck creams. You should also treat yourself to the CBD-Infused Mask. Its clay base helps detoxify skin while reducing pores and uneven texture while hydrating the skin.

As you can see your cabinet doesn’t have to be filled with multiple products, you can achieve that natural, radiant glow with a few good products without taking up a lot of your time. To read more about St. James’s Well products and place an order, check them out here.