At the beginning of each year, I choose a word of the year to represent my annual goal. For example, last year’s word was simplify. Little did I know when I chose that word what that would entail. The COVID-19 pandemic seemed to cause many of us to take a break from our busy lives and simplify. That unexpected time off also gave me time to really look at ways I could simplify my life and rid myself of things that I need and don’t need. My 2021 word of the year is peace. Since the pandemic and all the negativity that has unfolded it has become abundantly clear that I must protect my peace. One of the best ways to protect my peace is taking time to care for myself. Self-care is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Doing something special for yourself can go a long way in your everyday life and relationships. Just taking a few minutes of your day to do a little self-care is proven to have positive benefits.


  • Slowing down and taking a breather helps you re-focus, be more productive and increase your motivation to do so. Productivity and motivation go hand in hand.
  • Taking care of yourself allows you to have more energy to take care of others. When you feel as though you are constantly going from Point A to Point B with no breather in sight, you don’t have the energy to give of yourself to others. Taking a few moments for yourself will allow you to eliminate fatigue.


  • Self-care allows you to get out of survival mode and into living with purpose mode. You will sleep better because your mind is able to relax.
  • Taking care of yourself boosts your immune system. Constantly shorting yourself on sleep and relaxation time will lower your immune system and cause you to be more susceptible to illness.


  • Taking care of your skin will not only make you feel more relaxed on the inside, it will also show on the outside. Using safe, effective, high-quality CBD skincare and wellness products from St. James’s Well is a start at good self-care. Broad Spectrum CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) helping it run smoothly. The ESC help maintain homeostasis, the stable condition best equipping you to handle everything that life throws at you.

To start 2021 off on the right foot, order your St. James’s Well products today to begin your self-care routine.